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Our approach creates organizational momentum.

History has shown that when people pull together in business, great things happen, such as increased productivity, profitability, growth, creativity, and customer focus. These things come by harnessing the power of the people in your company through collaboration and cooperation with each other. This isn’t just “soft stuff.” Metrics start moving in a direction unexplainable by new customers, new products or some kind of gimmick. And, the company feels different. People are focused, energized, eating and breathing the mission. It is something tangible. You can see it. You can feel it. You can measure it. Our clients tell us about it and we experience it firsthand.

You’re an influencer – you may be a company president; you may be an individual contributor. And, your company may have a “success profile.” You have a plan; you’ve got the right products and services, and you understand your market niche. Yes, your company is successful. But, in the back of your mind, you may be asking yourself:

“Could I achieve even greater success?”

If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, The Solutions Group can help you get there, by offering a complete range of executive and leadership services such as executive assessment and development, leadership coaching, and management coaching. We identify the last frontier for business success…the people of your company.

Our foundation is in Psychology.

There are many consultants who offer executive/leadership assessments, leadership development and executive coaching. But, that’s where the similarity ends. Dr. Jim works from a number of disciplines of Psychology – Industrial/Organizational, Consulting and Counseling. As a corporate psychologist with this level of expertise, he has access to powerful assessment tools that non-psychologists don’t have. His expertise in leadership assessment methods enables him to know how to specifically evaluate whether an assessment can do what it claims to do, and the professional know-how to make sense of the results. Most importantly, his unique combination of expertise in Psychology, business ownership and board experience, gives him the expertise to change business performance from mundane to exemplary.

Our approach is all encompassing.

The people of every company ultimately touch every aspect of it. Dr. Jim and his staff have expertise from macro to micro levels of company performance. The Solutions Group helps you make your hiring process more effective using our executive assessment and leadership assessment programs; gets teams on track with our executive development and leadership development groups; or fine tunes an acquisition through a tailored leadership coaching and executive coaching process that helps you to either optimize an acquisition, or get a derailed one back on track. Our expertise zeros in on the people elements in your business, and improves them to increase performance.

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